Complete missions, evaluate objectively, earn TFB tokens!

Todays, companies are growing in the world and trying to serve at different points geographically. They can be located away from points where they can immediately access a store, a restaurant. Also, if the stores learn about an audit, they will be more careful and companies will not have a chance to find out what kind of service real customers receive. For this reason, customers can decide whether a service / product is good more than audits.

Hidden customers work all over the world to experience the quality of service as a real customer and transfer this information to companies with their feedback. However, these people are not full-time employees, they usually work with and hire an agency. For this reason, they need to reveal their identities in order to get jobs from these agencies.

On the TrueFeedBack platform, it provides an option for companies or agencies to perform these tasks and get a reward in return. Each task during the bounty can be planned in detail. For example,they can define what kind of photos or videos will be taken, how detailed this information is given, its location.

When users run the TrueFeedBack application, they can see the tasks they can perform near them. If they decide to perform the task, they will be able to win their prizes as TFB tokens after completing the task. There is no such reward system in which people do not need to reveal their identities in order to be rewarded. This developed system will be attractive to many users who are standing back to avoid giving away their identity.