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  • November 20, 2019

What is TrueFeedBack?

TrueFeedback is a survey and bounty platform and its reward distributing system is based on blockchain.

When we talk about TrueFeedBack we need to separate in two parts as Client and User.


As we mentioned above, TrueFeedBack is a bounty and survey platform. TrueFeedBack is a very versatile platform and therefore its client range is also quite wide. Companies, institutions, academicians, or integrators are in our potential client list.

Surveys have a very wide range of use cases from marketing research to academical studies to political elections. If an academician or an institution wants to know what people think about a certain issue or a product, they create a survey and ask people about their thoughts. As TrueFeedBack, we create a platform for those who need people’s thought they can easily create their profile on our platform and start doing their surveys with little effort.

TrueFeedBack platform has another very powerful tool for missions. In TrueFeedBack, companies or institutions can create missions with certain tasks for users to complete. With this tool, companies can create missions for mystery customers to audit their franchises or stores, they can create fun events like a treasure hunt or, they can make people help with their marketing or promotion. Our mission tool is also very versatile and can be used for many instances that clients might need.


Users are the main component of the TrueFeedBack application. They are the driving power since the companies are interested in their thoughts. A survey/bounty platform without a decent userbase cannot survive for a long time. With that in mind, TrueFeedBack always seeks to expand its userbase.

TrueFeedBack’s main goal was to create a platform that users can earn money and always stay anonymous. We managed it by developing our applications. Now a user can register to our system with only an Ethereum and email address and start earning.

How can a user earn TFB tokens?

When a user registers, he sees bounties(missions) and surveys available to her/him. She/he can participate in those and earn TFB tokens. The only thing that she/he needs to be careful about is to participate in surveys honestly. Upon completing surveys or bounties the rewards are credited to her/his account. It is easy as a pie.

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If you want to create a survey or a mission please contact [email protected] .